Apr 27

Call 12-063 – Rope Rescue

12:24 – Units alerted for a female that fell down with a poss fractured leg on a hillside behind a parking lot behind 110 Evergreen Ave (Haser Trucking).  Upon arrival, 260 Rescue crew made access to the patient with a team member from Shaler EMS.  This team began patient asessment and preparing the patient for movement.  260 Squad arrived on scene were identified as the Rigging team, hooking up 3 belay lines that would lower the patient and the Rescue crew to an awaiting ambulance. The Squad team along with the crew from 259 Rescue manned the belay lines and lowered the patient and crew safely. It took 40 minutes from dispatch to when Patient care was transferred to EMS.  A fine job by all on scene!

Units Dispatched: 260R, 259R, Shaler EMS

*** Raw Video from WPXI ***

*** Video from KDKA ***